Dar Al Fouad Hospital – Nasr City

Having established a pedigree of excellence across the Egyptian healthcare sector for years, seeing over half a million patients served and transferred to the outpatient department, and performing over 75,000 surgeries and procedures in the process, Dar Al Fouad expanded its geographical presence to offer its services at scale across the capital.

Our second facility in Nasr City extends our heritage of infrastructural excellence. Uniquely situated in East Cairo with a total land area of over 65,000 square meters, Dar Al Fouad’s latest project boasts superior facility management, excellent infection and prevention control systems, and unmatched patient assessment and care.


standard care beds


critical care beds


state-of-the-art operation suites


fully equipped catheterization labs

Partnerships and Affiliations

Since inception, Dar Al Fouad Hospital has leveraged unique partnerships to realize its vision of becoming a leader in the Egyptian healthcare space. Working with architectural and construction partners such as RBSD, New York and Samcrete alongside world-class advisors and consultants BOVIS and Nile Aster of Electromechanics, Dar Al Fouad Hospital has utilized a culture of collaboration to promote excellence from the very first stage.

For more than 20 years, Dar Al Fouad Hospital and leading Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery provider Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) have collaborated closely as part of a longstanding partnership. The agreement sees the CCF offer continuous technical, medical, and administrative support to Dar Al Fouad Hospital, as well as offering training exchange programs for physicians and personnel. In 2018 the agreement was extended to include the hospital’s new facility in Nasr City.


Dar Al Fouad was the first hospital to introduce the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation to the Egyptian healthcare sector back in 2005 when it was first accredited. In 2020, Dar Al Fouad Hospital was re-accredited by the JCI for the sixth time in its 20-year-long history.

In November 2017, Dar Al Fouad’s stroke unit became the first of its kind in Egypt to be accredited by the JCI and in 2020, the stroke unit’s accreditation was renewed for the second time.

Dar Al Fouad is also the first hospital in Egypt to receive a JCI certification for both its Acute Myocardial Infarction and Pain Management programs. Our Endoscopy unit is also accredited by the Surgical Review Corporation, a nonprofit, patient safety organization working to benchmark top facilities, surgeons, and medical professionals worldwide against international standards of safety and medical excellence.

The Dar Al Fouad Nasr City branch was accredited by the Center of Excellence for Endoscopy - Surgical Review Corporation, the Center of Excellence for Hernia Surgery – Surgical Review Corporation, and the Center of Excellence Orthopedic – Surgical Review Corporation.

Finally, the hospital is in the registration phase for the accreditation from the General Health Authority for Health Care.


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Dar Al Fouad Hospital