TABIBI provides integrated and comprehensive family healthcare services for patients at each stage, from newborns to seniors and everyone in between. With multiple clinics around Cairo, TABIBI works to respond to all your health needs through offering home visits, home care, telehealth, and lab and scan services. Our network of doctors is meticulously curated, ensuring that their expertise, specializations, and track records meet our strict eligibility standards.

To put our aspirations into effect, we have created a strategy, a methodology, and process focused on disrupting the way things are traditionally done in our field, with the ultimate benefit of our clients in mind. Our strategy focuses on fostering long-term relationships with our patients and their families. We abide by international best practices with regards to doctor/patient relationships. Ours is a holistic, personal approach that is anchored in what is known as slow medicine. We are listeners first, doctors second.

For more information on our operational philosophy, please visit the TABIBI official webpage

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