Elixir Gastro and Liver Care Center

Elixir Gastro and Liver Care Center provides patients with integrated medical services designed to treat digestive complications and liver diseases, from onboarding, assessment and treatment through the diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy unit, oncology units, interventional radiology clinics, liver transplant clinic, to consultancy offered by our nutrition obesity treatment clinic.

The Center houses a team of experienced diagnostic and interventional radiology consultants, as well as experts in hepatology and viruses. It is home to an expansive range of in-house clinics including Al-Batinah Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology, a Pediatric Endoscopy clinic, a small intestines disease clinic, and a gastrointestinal Oncology clinic. The Center also works to provide patient care in the fields of non-surgical treatment, providing liver cancer screening and treatment through radiofrequency, chemical coagulation as well as radiation coagulation.

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Elixir Gastro and Liver Care Center