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As-Salam International Hospital formally launched its newest facility in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo in 2022. Built on an area of over 25,000 sqm, the hospital was constructed in alignment with international architectural standards, delivering a modern and sustainable facility. Housing over 20 world-class medical service departments, the hospital is equipped with cutting-edge technologies including fully digitized imaging tools and exceptional surgical facilities Our hospital is designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability, incorporating 100% LED lighting, solar panels, and measures to conserve energy.

As-Salam International Hospital prides itself on being the leading provider of healthcare services in Egypt, due to our prioritization of patient-centric care. Our team consists of expert physicians, highly skilled critical care and EMT teams, and we utilize state-of-the-art tools, ranging from fully equipped clinics to specialized gadgets such as the Neuromicroscope. Our hospital provides complex services and surgeries such as oncology, thoracic, minimally invasive cardiac intervention, and more. Our goal is to deliver top-notch medical care services, ensuring an excellent patient experience throughout the entire process, from admission to discharge. Our healthcare facility excels in delivering swift and efficient services with minimal turnaround time (TAT). Our hospital is strategically designed to minimize patient walkways, we ensure that all-encompassing medical services are easily accessible within a 50-meter radius, offering unparalleled convenience and prompt care.

As-Salam offers world-class Critical Care services that stand out in comparison to competitors. Enjoy the utmost privacy with private washrooms, benefit from advanced care through remote monitoring, and receive expert guidance from skilled intensive consultants. We prioritize your well-being not only through exceptional medical care but also by providing patient entertainment and engagement options, ensuring a comforting experience during your stay. We have a robust corporate social responsibility where we commit ethically and socially responsible practices that extend beyond the primary mission of providing medical care, we aim to positively impact the well-being of the community at large.


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As-Salam International Hospital in New Cairo holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for delivering Health and Medical Care Services. This standard is grounded in various quality management principles, such as a significant emphasis on customer satisfaction, the commitment of top management, a process-oriented approach, and dedication to continuous improvement.

As-Salam International Hospital has obtained certification for ISO 14001:2015, in compliance with environmental management standards in addition to the provision of Health and Medical Services.

Lastly, the hospital is following HACCP principles outlined by CODEX ALIMENTARIUS CAC/RCP1-1969, revised in 2003. This is attributed to its adherence to the stipulated requirements for the preparation, production, and provision of ready-to-eat meals for all individuals, including patients, staff, and visitors on the hospital premises.


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