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Delivering next generation robotic surgeries

Robotic Surgeries

In 2022, Alameda Healthcare Group secured an MOU with CMR Surgical, a leading global surgical robotics business, to improve access to robotic surgery in Egypt by purchasing four of CMR Surgical’s Versius robots over the next three years, with the first set for arrival and installation in June 2022 at our hospitals.

The installation of next-generation surgical robots at our hospitals will allow surgeons to perform various complex surgeries with minimal incision and better precision, creating a quicker and less painful surgical alternative to traditional open procedures.

As part of the partnership, CMR Surgical will provide comprehensive training for surgeons and surgical teams across several specialty departments, including general surgery, onco-surgery, gynecology, and urology, contributing to the establishment of our hospitals as a regional center of excellence and to the development of a tailored medical technology roadmap for Egypt at large.

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Robotic Surgeries