March 2024

Alameda Healthcare Announces Strategic Partnership with Medbury Healthcare and Leadway Health to Operate and Manage SPDC IA Specialist Hospital in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Alameda Healthcare Group (Alameda), Egypt’s leading private healthcare service provider, announced today its strategic partnership with Medbury Healthcare and Leadway Health ltd, leading companies within the Healthcare Industry in Nigeria.

Through this partnership, Alameda will provide all encompassing technical support in the management of the SPDC IA Specialist Hospital in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, expanding its global reach while enhancing healthcare services and contributing to the overall wellbeing of its clients and, ultimately, the communities in which they operate.

This collaboration brings several benefits to its direct clients, the local community, including enhanced healthcare services, accessibility to specialized treatments, and the introduction of top-quality medical technology by Alameda’s expert teams. The aim is to elevate healthcare standards for all tiers of the community and leave a positive impact on the lives of patients.

Alameda Healthcare Group has a proven track record in optimally managing healthcare facilities. Alameda ensures patient safety and the highest standards as a JCI accredited hospital. Beyond elevating healthcare standards, it aims to drive the potential for increased employment opportunities and the enhancement of the overall healthcare infrastructure in the region.

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