August 2023

Alameda Healthcare Group’s As-Salam International Hospital Maadi Lab Becomes the First Egyptian Recipient of CAP Accreditation

Alameda Healthcare Group (Alameda), Egypt’s leading private healthcare service provider proudly announces As- Salam International Hospital in Maadi’s achievement as the first full hospital laboratory in Egypt to receive the prestigious College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation. This remarkable accomplishment follows two years of dedicated efforts and rigorous preparation aimed at enhancing patient care through the delivery of top-tier diagnostic services.

CAP is globally recognized for its stringent accreditation process, which As-Salam International Hospital-Maadi’s lab underwent in June 2023. The accreditation signifies the highest standards of laboratory excellence. The milestone partnership affords As-Salam International Hospital-Maadi’s lab access to CAP’s global network of pathologists and facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices in the field.

The CAP inspection entailed a meticulous review of all laboratory disciplines and bedside analytical testing activities, including chemistry and hormones, hematology and coagulation, immunology, microbiology, cytopathology, anatomic pathology, and point of care testing. In achieving the CAP accreditation and surpassing its rigorous assessment standards, As-Salam International Hospital Maadi solidifies its commitment to pioneering patient care through top-tier diagnostic services.”

Over two years, the hospital management dedicated itself to a comprehensive series of initiatives aimed at elevating the quality of their laboratory services. This included a complete redesign of the laboratory infrastructure, the appointment of highly skilled experts, a comprehensive focus on enhancing staff knowledge, the integration of the laboratory and hospital information systems, and an unwavering dedication to delivering accurate and reliable results to both customers and clinicians.

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