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Cutting edge neurosciences services


The neuroscience department’s mission is to support patients with up-to-date healthcare and tertiary medical services. The department has an outpatient clinic supporting patients with professors from the best universities in Cairo, giving care to all domains of neurological and neurosurgical disorders, such as multiple sclerosis strokes, headaches, nerve and muscle disorders, and memory and movement disorders.

Our emergency department boasts the first stroke pathway since 2015 and a highly efficient stroke program with a neurology specialist on call. Patients are treated in less than an hour from ED arrival and have their clots dissolved either by medications or through catheter extraction, all while receiving nursing and stroke services in the stroke unit.

We also support patients with neocritical services in cases of epilepsy and altered consciousness and are home to the only continuous EEG monitoring modules in Cairo.

With the support of highly skilled consultants in cranial, skull base, minimally invasive skull base, and spine surgery, and by investing in a state-of-the-art neuro-navigation system and a highly advanced neuro-microscope that allows safe and well-visualized operative fields, we are best positioned to help patients in need of spine surgeries or inflicted with brain tumors.

We provide inpatient rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis through our special day program and provide VNS implants for patients with uncontrolled epilepsy. We also provide access to deep brain stimulation for parkinsonism and treat vascular malformation by an intervention team using diagnostic and therapeutic catheters.

The outpatient clinic also has Botox services for migraine patients, movement disorder patients, post-stroke spasticity, and hemifacial spasm. Our clinical neurophysiology is the best in the catchment area delivered by our highly specialized professors. Investigations that are currently available are electromyography and nerve conduction, EEG and long-term EEG, and evoked potentials tests, and a polysomnography and video EEG will be available in the near future.

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