February 2023

Alameda Healthcare Group Extends Services of International Medical Experts to Public Hospitals in Collaboration with Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt

Alameda Healthcare Group is delighted to announce its latest collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population, as it extends the services of its international medical experts to public hospitals. As Egypt’s leading Healthcare Group, Alameda takes pride in having some of the most professional and experienced doctors from around the world who provide exceptional medical services to patients. This agreement will allow Alameda’s foreign medical experts to spend one or two days in government hospitals across the country, performing delicate and critical surgeries and helping diagnose patients at no cost. This agreement will take place under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Health and private sector healthcare firms.

Alameda Healthcare Group is particularly excited about this collaboration and the opportunities it brings, as it believes in the Group’s responsibility to lend a hand in transforming the healthcare sector in the country. By sharing the expertise of its medical professionals, Alameda aims to enhance the level of care provided in public hospitals and contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare services in Egypt.

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