October 2023

Alameda Healthcare Group Partners with the National Bank of Egypt to Strengthen Patient Accessibility to Quality Care

Alameda Healthcare Group (Alameda), Egypt’s leading private healthcare service provider, announces today a strategic collaboration with the National Bank of Egypt (NBE). This two-year collaboration is aimed at elevating the quality and accessibility of healthcare for NBE’s clientele and employees, where Alameda will take on the role of primary healthcare provider.

Under the terms of the partnership, Alameda will provide specialized care to patients referred by Al Ahly Medical Company (AMC), a wholly owned subsidiary by NBE that focuses on providing high-quality healthcare services across the private and public sector. On this front, NBE’s employees and clientele will have access to Alameda’s comprehensive general and specialized medical services across its state-of-the-art hospitals, including As Salam International Hospital and Dar Al Fouad Hospitals, on a case-by-case basis.

The healthcare services made available will include a diverse spectrum of cutting-edge medical interventions, including oncology treatments and surgeries, cardiothoracic surgeries, advanced cardiac electrophysiology treatments, state-of-the-art catheter interventions, lifesaving kidney, liver, and bone marrow transplants, as well as specialized spinal surgeries. Additionally, Alameda will also provide NBE with ambulance dispatch services in cases of emergencies, ensuring prompt and efficient medical attention during critical situations.

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