July 2023

Alameda Healthcare and Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Launch Exclusive Collaboration to Further Cancer Care in Egypt

Alameda Healthcare Group (Alameda), Egypt’s leading private healthcare service provider, announced today the launch on an exclusive collaboration with Apollo Proton Cancer Center (APPC) aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of cancer care in Egypt. To mark the start of this landmark partnership, Alameda and APPC hosted a symposium and joint press conference to raise awareness on Proton Beam Therapy and outline the partnership’s long-term vision and strategic priorities.

The symposium, which took place in Cairo on July 15, showcased new advances in cancer care with a specific focus on the use of Proton Beam Therapy to improve outcomes of cancer treatment and quality of survivorship. During the joint press conference which followed the symposium, the companies also announced that Alameda’s As Salam and Dar Al Fouad Hospitals will become exclusive partners of APPC in Egypt. This will further streamline the patient referral process within the Group’s network to ensure accelerated access for patients most in need of this innovative treatment.

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